Here I Am

I was born in Milan where I lived until my 20th birthday. Later, I moved to the Crema countryside and lived in the area for many years.

Since I was a child I openly showed passion for drawing, painting, music and anything artistic and creative. My mom had excellent artistic qualities and started me on my own artistic discovery in the early years of life.

Art was my favourite subject in school and I wanted to pursue my aspirations, but circumstances at the time forced me to take another path. I continued to cultivate my passions in total autonomy, free from any potential external conditioning. Over the years I’ve experimented and expressed myself with various mediums including paper, canvas and wood. Sometimes clearer and more defined whilst other times  abstract and personal, containing hidden messages regarding life experiences and aspects of my innermost self. I’m very grateful to my parents for giving me a positive approach to life, a profound optimism with which to start every day and the values linked to the purest part of each individual, the one closed within ourselves, the most simple: to be, not to have. An unconditional love towards others with no expectations in return. Above all, they taught me gratitude for everything that happens around me.

I share these values every day through drawing and painting, where I can express myself as free as a bird – limitless, nobody can tell me to stop. I am a dreamer. Someone who constantly sees what is invisible to the naked eye. For me, this is what will live on forever in its purity and in its light. A light that few of us have lit already on this earth, but that will reach its maximum splendour in the other dimension, one that I already feel very close. The one that guides me, inspires me and helps me to be a better person every day of my life.

A few years ago I also published two books which only reinforce my positive imprint on life and values inherited from my family.