Experiences are diverse, like people.

We often feel oppressed by our daily life, incapable of appreciating the beautiful things and the joy of living.

Laura Gipponi had had enough. She decided to follow a very different path that helps her live day-to-day with joy and self-esteem.

She began searching for the immense treasure we all carry inside, a treasure that can defeat negativity and adversities.

After many years of studying and hard work, Laura found her own formula. She has since come into contact with many people who discovered their treasure themselves and have learned to use it to its fullest.

Today Laura wants to share this formula with all of us, serenely and with fortitude.

It is possible for all of us to discover and learn how to use our great TREASURE OF THE MIND.

In this book, Laura has collected the experiences of over 90 years of her father’s life. By presenting them in a simple and fluent manner, she is able to transfer emotions to the reader who can identify with, or connect to, moments in one’s own life or those of people dear to them.

A positive approach to life and the many people he met provided Gigi with the right tools to face and overcome any kind of fear. The courage, freedom and the constant trust in a better tomorrow were, and still are, the pillars of his winning philosophy of life.